Maemo Motors Annual Charity Golf Day

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In 2021 Maemo Motors Commercial and Passenger Vehicles joined forces in an endeavour to arrange a Golf Day that would be spoken about long after golf carts were parked and players left the course. The day however was not about Maemo Motors or the players, it was about giving back to the North West community and supporting the Non-Profit Organizations that do such amazing work.
Our mission was to secure sponsors & donation to cover the cost of the day as well as raise what we could for the unanimously selected charities. Once the guest list caught whiff of our idea behind the Golf Day, donations came in faster than we though. Sponsored prizes were however not given to the players, they were donated to the charity which was drawn by the prize winners.

The initial amount we had in mind to donate to the charities was R50,000 but thanks to everyone involved in the day, we managed to donate R68,190 to 8 different charities.

Maemo Annual Charity Golf Day

After such a successful Inaugural Charity Golf Day in 2021, we had no choice but to host a second Golf Day. The date was decided on and to our surprise news got out and requests were received to please book 4balls for players & hole sponsors who had attended the previous year. In no time, we found ourselves back at the golf course with plenty familiar faces to support our cause again. The day was once again an absolute success and once again everyone involved went above and beyond to overwhelm us with their generosity and we managed to more than double 2021’s donation amount to R149,832 which was divided between 7 charities/NPO’s

In January 2023 the first request was received from a hole sponsor that had attended both previous years requesting that their spot be booked again (the date had not been set yet). We were in two minds whether to host another Golf Day as the Rugby World Cup posed a challenge for us reaching out to our regular sponsors BUT true to form, Maemo Motors never back away from a challenge and we proceeded with the arrangements. Everyone involved in the day donated whatever their budgets allowed, little did they know, we had 2 little secret weapons (Lanri & Lelani).

The two ladies volunteered to jump on a golf cart and collect as much as they could towards dog & cat food. Overwhelmed is an under statement when the ladies tallied up and announced they had raised a total of R53,470 on the course to purchase food for our fury friends. The generosity however did not stop there… R88,000 was divided between another 4 charities so a total of R141,470 was raised for 6 different charities/NPO’s based in the North West!

Maemo Motors would like to express our utmost gratitude to absolutely everyone who has contributed to the continued success of the Annual Charity Golf Day, we appreciate that together we are able to give back to the organizations that so dearly need the assistance. We look forward to many more successful Charity Golf Days to come.

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