Electric now has a Mercedes

EQC 400 4MATIC: electrical consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 22.2; CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0. Provisional figures.[1]


Imagine you could start all over again.
Here we are again. Back where we were 130 years ago, when we invented the car. At the start of something really great. That’s what the first drive in the EQC feels like. Without a single drop of petrol, with no local emissions, and with no trouble whatsoever – it changes everything. Join us as we embark on the next 130 years.

Imagine you could start all over again

You can be sure of a range of more than 450 km (provisional figures)[1].
It takes just 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.
EQC 400 4MATIC: electrical consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 22.2; CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0. Provisional figures.[1]

Charging options

Charging the EQC is as easy as charging your smartphone.
The best charging infrastructure is optimised to individual needs. Mercedes-Benz therefore offers maximum flexibility. Conveniently and quickly at home using a Wallbox? En route at public charging stations? Spontaneously at any conventional domestic socket? All this is possible – for maximum charging convenience.

Charging the EQC

Charge at home with the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

Fully charge the EQC while relaxing on the sofa – the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home makes it possible.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home has maximum charging capacity of 22 kW. This means you can charge the new EQC three times more quickly than when using a conventional domestic socket. With the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Advanced and Wallbox Twin, charging control, user management, charging statistics and cost-optimised charging can be controlled easily by smartphone.

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Charge en route with Mercedes me Charge and IONITY

Charge en route with Mercedes me Charge and IONITY.

Extensive access to charging stations – included as standard with the new EQC.

Mercedes me Charge gives you access to an extensive network of public charging stations located in the city, at shopping centres or at motorway services, for example. EQC drivers also get access to the IONITY High-Power Charging Network, which offers rapid charging stations along all of Europe’s important main traffic routes – so there is no need to worry on long journeys.

At the charging station, authentication takes place via the media display screen, the smartphone app or RFID card. Everything else is handled automatically through Mercedes me Charge. One log-in, one invoice. For many public and all IONITY charging stations.

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Intelligent energy management

We think one step further so you can drive further.
At the heart of the new EQC is an innovative high-voltage lithium-ion battery. However, the efficient and intelligent use of energy is just as important as its production. Only through this does the new EQC achieve a range of more than 450 km[1].

The new EQC leaves no source of energy untapped. Even when slowing down by coasting or braking, the electric motor converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and can thus charge the EQC’s high-voltage battery while on the move. The recuperation output can be adjusted manually using the shift paddles.

The ECO Assist helps to optimise the response to the driving situation, reduce the speed on time and thus support efficient recuperation.


Our one-word answer if you ask us what the future of the car looks like: breathtaking.
The purity, quietness and modernity of the electric drive are conspicuous. This is assured by hallmark Mercedes-Benz clean forms, minimal lines and innovative design details.

Merecedes EQC Exterior


There’s no better place to recharge the batteries than in the new EQC.
The noiseless electric motor makes for tangibly more relaxed driving. That’s the big comfort promise of the new EQC. It’s crowned by a combination of materials and features that can only be found in a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes EQC Interior


The future belongs to electric drive. And human intuition.
Discover an all-new control experience: understanding, capable of learning and touch-sensitive like never before.


The MBUX artificial intelligence actually means something very human: namely an almost blind understanding of the driver and his or her preferences. The system gets to know you better with every drive and can set the radio station, navigation route or temperature to suit you, for example.


EQ services for worry-free mobility.
Extensive warranties and services allow you to experience the thrill of electric mobility without stress and worry.

Battery certificate.
We guarantee faultless functioning of the high-voltage battery for eight years or 160 000 km.

Service packages.
Customised packages cover warranty, maintenance and convenience services such as a pick-up and drop-off service.

Mercedes-Benz Mobilo.
The mobility service, included as standard, keeps you mobile in the unlikely event of your vehicle breaking down.

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